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Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training Program

So many in today’s society are challenged with the interaction with others due to the onslaught of race, religion, economics or environment; not to mention the emotional disconnect brought about by social media which enables us from having to communicate in real situations that allow us to learn how to cope with our differences. Our Life Skills training teaches the human skills necessary to proactive interact with everyone, regardless of our differences.

Domestic Living Training Program

Domestic Living Training Program

So many of us never had the opportunity to seek higher education, so in our daily lives we struggle from our lack of knowledge in the areas of fiscal responsibility, budgeting, credit and debit ramifications, income tax or even daily expenditures.

Instead we unsuccessfully fall into economic hard times because we do not know the impact of financial choices.

We strive to help individuals navigate their financial decision making processes and help gain their knowledge to create situations that lead toward self sufficiency and long term sustainability.

Re-entry Program

Re-Entry Program

This program aids in working with the re-entry population specifically hands-on training for individuals recently released.

Training these individuals to understand the social skills needed to re-enter families or broken relationships and the impact that recidivism has on our communities such as schools, group home facilities and most importantly the job market.

We… will train these individuals through workshops and seminars that is consistent with historical behavior therapy concepts that will help them succeed. 

Business Development Workshop

Business Development Workshop